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With Audio

Great work Chris, even better with the music and sound effects. Although honestly, that live dub you did earlier when soud was not working was pretty fucking impressive. I mean you got the timing and everything. Anyway awsome toon man, it's a great idea and I really like your animation style, the David bit is my favorite.


Great Stuff

Nice work man, good luck with trophy. I gave you your 5 ;)

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The score is way too low

Wow this was just...wow. I'm honestly shocked that this isn't in the higher 4.00 scores, this was clearly more then your average internet toon. Humour, story and seriousness were mostly conveyed visually, you knew how the characters mind worked and could sympathise with him on a bizarre level, and the animation was amazing. This is really up there with the great pieces of art animations of the last 10 decades; I can’t even imagine just how much work must have been put into this.

Please enter this into some respected animation festival and get the recognition you deserve…alright enough ramblings from me, thanks for the great entertainment.

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This was great for so many reason. The animation was just stunning, and everything complimented the song so well. Best wishes to both of you.

Cool To See It On NG

I'm not sure if you still read reviews, but I just wanted to say that this was my favourite video on the SOL disc when I got it last year. Thanks for making it.

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Lost Rhapsody 2, Wooo

Kick ass, tripy animation, more Weird Al, recurring gags, hilarious new ones, I love it.

I had seen the first one so many times I have lost count, so I’m was very pleased to see this pop up as I visited the NG front page. It took me a while to pick up on all the stuff in the first instalment, and it looks like I’ll have to watch this a few times more later to fully understand each segment. Amazing how you could fit another Weird al song, which was also made up of other songs, and applied it to Lost. Hell I never even notice the use of the word "Lost" in the song before.

Anyway great work, also kudos for your interview on the Lost season 2 DVD. I was watching the extras for the first time yesterday and noticed your credit. Here hoping for a Lost Rhapsody 3 one day.

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CapnBob responds:

Thanks! I'm not going to commit to doing another Lost Rhapsody unless I think I can continue to improve upon the first two or make some sort of interesting form change, but I've got big plans for other projects.

Finally :)

This was really great man, I've always wanted to see this song animated and you've done a great job. I love the various expressions, the character designs, and the added things that really do everything justice. The weasel chewing on an eye gets me every time.

And I'll end the review with the standard "keep up the good work", so keep up the good work.

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Do you like Pie?

he he great. The world needs more lost spoofs, you are doing Gods work :)

UrbanNinja06 responds:

**Pride** Thanks, im making a series at the moment and theres gonna be a fews spoofs in that.

Blown away

I have still got to go watch the others, but still, this was fantastic (for lack of a more manly praising word). By far the best sprite...hell, sonic movie I've seen on the Internet ever.

The voices and storyline really set it apart from the others, and it had some good laughs in there despite it being a slightly more serious cartoon. I give my full 5 points for this one.

Vixin-McCloud responds:


I'm proud of my voice actors! What would I do without them? SEGA can learn a thing or two from me!

Fucking Funny

Ignore all bad reviews, this is funnier then at least 80% of the stuff usually showcased on the front page. Both of these are hilarious, please for the love of bread make more, I mean surly they can't take that long to throw together.

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